Abhir Bhalerao

Dr. Abhir Bhalerao

Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Warwick, UK
Abhir Bhalerao

Abhir Bhalerao is an Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Computer Science. He joined as staff in 1998 having completed 5 years as a post-doctoral research scientist with the NHS and Kings Medical School, London including two years as a Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School Boston. His research was focussed on applications of image analysis and computer vision techniques to computer aided radiology, data visualization for surgical planning. At Warwick, Dr Bhalerao has been principal and co-investigator on two EPSRC sponsored projects related to multi-resolution segmentation and modelling of vasculature from MR (GR/M82899/01(P)) and use of stochastic methods for statistical image modelling (GR/M75785/01, a project undertaken jointly with Department of Statistics). His current interests are in modelling flow in 3D X-ray imagery, characterisation of the morphology of folding structures in MRI, real-time visualization of tensor data and light-estimation methods from multi-camera scenes. He has published about 70 refereed articles in image analysis, medical imaging, graphics and computer vision. He was the general co-chair and local organiser of the British Machine Vision Conference, 2007. He is the co-founder and was the Research Director of Warwick Warp Ltd., a company specialising in biometric technologies.

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