Arya Nabavi, MD

Arya Nabavi, MD

Professor of Neurosurgery, International Neuroscience Institute INI-Hannover, Hannover, Germany
Arya  Nabavi, MD

LMI: 1998-2000

Arya graduated from the Medical School of the Christian-Albrechts Universitaet Kiel, Germany in 1991. My medical thesis was on the influence of cationic-amphiphilic drugs on membrane functions in the mammal heart at the department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of University of Kiel. I commenced my Neurosurgical Residency in 1992.

He was a research fellow at the Department of Neurosurgery. His main interests are in Image Guided Surgery. I joined the program at the Brigham and Women's Hospital to work at the open-configuration MRI. Mainly analyzing intraoperative brain deformations he was part of the group developing the 3D Slicer and employing it for intraoperative navigation. He was supported by the DFG and the Harvard Center for minimal invasive therapy during his 2 years of work at the SPL. Currently I returned to the grinding everyday life in the clinic at the Department of Neurosurgery at the Christian-Albrechts University Kiel. Once in a while I return to the "scene of the crime" to refresh my aging memory. Having gained weight and knowledge I am indepted to my wife and children for their patience and to my parents for their tolerance. 

If you wish to inquire about the following projects:

  • Brain Shift in the open MRI
  • Navigation for Neurosurgical procedures
  • Spect/ MR coregistration
  • Angiotool
  • Vascular pathology
  • The meaning of Life

Do not hesitate to ask!

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