Marcos Martin-Fernandez

Dr. Marcos Martin-Fernandez

Associate Professor, ETSI Telecomunicación, University of Valladolid
Research Fellow LMI, Harvard Medical School
Marcos Martin-Fernandez

LMI: 2004 - 2005

He was a Research fellow in the Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He has been awarded with a Fulbright Scholarship for a one year stay. He received his Master's and Ph.D. Degrees in Computer Engineering at the High Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Valladolid, Spain, in 1995 and 2002, respectively.

Marcos is working in probabilistic modeling of diffusion tensor data applied to MRI. His research fields are image segmentation, ultrasound speckle modeling and statistical models applied to medical image restoration and segmentation.

Contact Information

University of Valladolid
Campus "Miguel Delibes"
Paseo Belén 15
47011 Valladolid, SPAIN
p: (+34) 983-185551


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