Maxime Boucher

Dr. Maxime Boucher

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Maxime  Boucher

LMI: Summer 2004

I obtained my Ph.D. from the School of Computer Science at McGill University. My thesis was on surface analysis in the greater context of medical shape analysis under the co-supervision of Alan Evans and Kaleem Siddiqi.
I hold an Engineering Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) where I graduated in August 2004.
In summer 2004, I did a research internship at the Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging affiliated with Harvard Medical School where I worked on Regularization of Fiber Tractography in DT-MRI.
Research Interests:
  • Differential Geometry and Scale Space
  • Multivariate Statistics and Gaussian Random Field Models
  • Computer Vision
  • Brain Shape Analysis

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