Orjan Bergmann

Dr. Orjan Bergmann

The Norwegian Multiple Sclerosis National Competence Centre
Orjan  Bergmann

Orjan Bergmann is visiting researcher from the Norwegian Multiple Sclerosis National Competence Centre. This center was established at the Department of Neurology, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen in 1996. The main focus of the center is promotion of research and education of clinicians and other health care professionals in Norway. The centre has established national guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of MS. The National Multiple Sclerosis Registry was established in 1998 and includes by January 2006 50-60% of all MS patients in Norway. Through a national collaboration, the registry aims for inclusion of a biobank unit for collection of cerebrospinal fluid and serum, DNA, and tissue samples.

Ojan Bergmann spent 2005-2006 at LMI working on diffusion MRI tractography.

Research Role